Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan

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In the end, a business is simply not a business without the people who buy from it.

And so, of course, that is where we -- the small creative business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, freelancers, and other business-minded bloggers -- should first begin:

With the of our clients, our customers, our fans, our followers, and, ultimately, all of those who encounter our business on any given day among the nooks and crannies of the internet.

With this 64 page workbook, you will create a complete client and/or customer service plan to use to thrill people in your daily business operations online.

Specifically, it will assist you in:

1. Determining your core brand service values

2. Writing a customer service mission statement

3. And creating a #heroic client + customer service document that covers…

You will also get in-depth questionnaires, checklists, guides, real-life examples, cheat-sheets, and other goodies to improve your service savvy, like...

✓ The 7 Non-Negotiables: what you absolutely must have in place online + where in order to run a business people will want to buy from

✓ The 29-point checklist of things you need to implement to be a true professional + make people happy

✓ A 22-point scored questionnaire that will tell you exactly where you stand in terms of being a customer or client-oriented business

✓ 9 pages of super-serious, guided self-assessments that will help you understand your natural strengths + weaknesses when it comes to dealing with clients + customers...and what you can do to make real improvements 

✓ A 3-step guide to crafting the customer service mission statement 

✓ 20 + customer service script suggestions to help you communicate appreciation, assistance, + apologies in your business

...and more.


This workbook also includes two (2) Testimonial Questionnaires -- one for service providers and one for digital or physical product sellers -- that you can use as-is (or customize to your unique brand personality) in order to obtain the most effective testimonials from your clients + customers.


The Delight workbook was created to work for small business owners who have an online presence, whether you are a service provider or a seller of products (digital or physical). It is especially useful for:

· Graphic designers

· Web designers

· Copywriters

· Photographers

· Handmade sellers 

· Coaches + consultants + therapists

· Online entrepreneurs 

· Online-based freelancers

· Locally-based small business owners with 0-3 employees (music instructors, caterers, etc.)


You’ll get a PDF file, which you can then easily print right from your home or office computer if you desire.

Yes, yes, and yes. ALL of the guides, questionnaires, + checklists in Delight are valuable for the blogger whose goal is to gain credibility + influence, plus eventually expand into money-making activities like writing e-books or running an online community.

You’ll be able to apply many of the concepts immediately with your interactions on social media, in your blog comments, etc., AND you’ll avoid future costly mistakes with a solid service plan already in place!

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Delight: The Digital Biz Owner's Guide To Creating A Pro Client + Customer Service Plan

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